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Friday, February 25, 2011


I'm supposed to be doing homework!!  I have my discussion questions to do this week, a ten page term paper to write (that I really haven't done any research for), and two finals next week.  I don't have time to quilt during school....its just too hectic with homeschooling.

Last week my dad came for a visit.  The kids enjoy when Grandpa comes.....they get to go out to eat and he likes to buy them things.  We never go out to eat....too expensive for a family of seven and too challenging with a one year old that doesn't want to sit in the high chair waiting patiently for the food to arrive.  If we have a while to wait to get our order taken its even worse.  We've learned its too much and way to expensive.  With one income, we tend to cut out things like that, otherwise we're gonna have to eat Alpo the rest of the week!  hahahaha

The day after Grandpa left, it snowed here.  Lots of snow-a whole six inches!!  I know, I know, that's nothing.  You don't have to tell me that, I'm from Buffalo for goodness sake!!  Its funny to see it here though and its shuts everything down!!  Too funny!!

Here's some photos of our snow:

Enjoy!!  We sure did!