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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Feeling lazy

I have pulled out some items to work on for the living room wallhanging.  I just found out my dad is coming in a few weeks so I need to try to get the living and dining room painted and wallhangings done so that he can help me hang up some things while he's here.

I machine quilted around the blocks and meandered the border of one of the princess ballerina quilts.  I'm going to hand quilt some designs inside the blocks.  My machine quilting skills are not good enough to trace things, but that's okay, I enjoy doing it.  I'm too lazy to whip out the camera and take a photo.  Maybe later, we'll see.

I hope today to baste and possible machine quilt the other princess ballerina quilt, cut out pieces for the Civil War wallhanging, and find all the pieces for the wallhanging for the living room.  It seems that I can't find the Debbie Fields book that I need.  Hopefully it will show up soon.

I'll be working on hand piecing the Civil War Wallhanging during swim lessons this week.  We're at the pond about three hours a day for lessons and some swimming time.

I haven't gotten outside to do much.  Its looking a little ghetto out there.  I need to purchase a weed eater because our trim is about two feet high and we have a few spots that the rider can't reach that are pretty tall too.  We did have a push but I burned up the motor.  In my defense, I thought Kevin had checked the oil level when he was home in May (he did tell me it was good to go).  I was using it to cut down the high grass in the ditch when it burned up.  Oh well, nothing I can do about it now.

Well, I'm off to pick up the kitchen and run and grab a few groceries.  I hope to come home and get this sewing done since its too wet to do any outside work.  We've have thunderstorms that last three nights that have dumped about three inches of rain on the rain.  Its even too wet to weed, unless I want to get all muddy and I really don't.

Take care everyone!

Monday, June 10, 2013


With all this rain we've had lately, I've finally today decided to pick up my quilting and get some stuff done.  I basted on of the little girls' quilts and another wallhanging (just a panel).  I was hoping to get started on the quilting but then the sun popped out.  Its supposed to rain again tomorrow so I had to get out and get some of the lawn mowed.  TL did most of it, but some has to be done with the push mower.  I didn't quite finish.  The mosquitos were swarming bothering sucking out all my blood.

We got our chicks last Monday.  They are cute and have already doubled in size it seems.  They're starting to stretch their wings too.  I'm sure I'll open the door to the coop one day and they'll all fly out at me, just like in the movie The Birds. If you hear on the news of some woman running away screaming, it was probably me.

I finally graduated!!  I now am the proud owner of a bachelor's degree.  I hope to start my master's in the fall.  This is a big accomplishment for me.  I'm the first in my family to earn one and in my hubby's family too.  I'm pretty excited and happy to start on the next step this fall.

I had to add this photo of Monkey.  Isn't she adorable?  I'll think twice however about letting her apply lipstick to me!