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Monday, July 4, 2016

Finally.....the end of a long and very busy road

These last few years have been really hard and really busy.  Trying to homeschool the kids and living virtually on our own for the last almost four years has been difficult.  Kevin retires at the end of this month and will finally be home.  I am so excited to have him home!!

This year has been busy for other reasons.  Our eldest graduated and starts at the community college next month.  And my step-son got married to his beautiful bride last month.  

Between all this and trying to get the garden in, I haven't sat down much this summer.  Once we return from hubby's retirement ceremony, the garden will be coming in strong and canning season will start.  In fact, I've already canned some strawberry jam, strawberry-kiwi jam, and some cherry jam.  I love jam.  So easy and fun to do!

In between all of this, I have to finish up hubby's active duty scrapbook.  Thankfully, its all patriotic so it shouldn't take too long to do.  I'm focusing on it one day this week and hope to get it down.  I also completed this wallhanging to honor his service:

 My dear friend blessed me with the embroidery.  I had asked if she could do his name, rank, and dates of service, and she sent the others to me also.  What a huge blessing!  I'm working on quilting it now.  I had quilt but its not that large and moving along quite nicely.  

I'm excited to have some more time to work on some quilts, wallhangings, and table runners that I've had stocked up to decorate my home with.  I have not had the time to do that and its been disappointing for me.  I'm happen to get some time soon!

Enjoy your fourth!!