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Saturday, May 18, 2013


I am finally done with school!!  All of my assignments have been turned in and I'm just waiting for my grades to be posted this next week.  I should be getting my diploma in the mail in the next few weeks.  I am finally a graduate!!  I hope to start working on my master's degree this fall.

We have had some crazy weather here.  On May 2nd and 3rd we had 20 inches of snow.  Hubby had arrived home for a ten day visit and was blown away; it was 95 in CA when he left there.  Thankfully it melted quickly and he was able to work on his honey-do list which consisted of hanging up tire swings and building a chicken coop in the corn crib. 

I've been setting up cinder blocks for a raised garden bed.  So far, I only have the fruit section done.  I hope to finish the rest this weekend and get the dirt and get some things planted.  Until that is done, everything else is on hold around here.  Need those veggies!

Here's some photos:
TL getting the tire swing ready

The two littles, they love their farm

Loving the tire swing and TL gives great pushes!

Waiting for the tire swing to go up

View out of the front yard.  The lower left is the cherry tree I just planted

A tornado came through here two years ago and twisted all of the branches of this tree around toward the south; none were broken, they were just twisted around the tree

Princess enjoying her new ride

Hubby building the coop

Chicken coop all done

Quiet and peaceful.....sunset