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Saturday, February 22, 2014


Although we haven't had a lot of snow this year, we've certainly seen our share of cool temps which means that the snow we've gotten hasn't melted.   The winds have been crazy this year with 25-35 mph being common with up to 50mph wind gusts.  The snow has picked up off the fields and blown into my driveway. 

Seriously, if we get any  more snow, there won't be anywhere to put it.

This is looking off of the deck.  You will notice that pile of snow next to it is higher than the deck.

This is that pile of snow next to the deck.  You can see how high it is next to the garage and playhouse

I literally cannot get to that barn right now.  That's where we store the wood.  My son is standing in front of that tree so you can see how high it is.  Its higher now after the driveway got plowed

The driveway which was clear before the blizzard.  Don't let it fool you, its 3-4 feet deep.

I promise that underneath that pile of snow is the stairs to get up on the deck
I've been busy doing household and homeschooling projects.  Quilting has been on the back burner while I've been getting things done and caught up.  I've also planned out the garden and expanded what we did last year, at least on paper.  There's no gardening in this weather.

I start school on the third.  Going full time to finish my masters in two years.  Its gonna be a struggle but worth it in the end.

Happy quilting everyone!