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Thursday, June 21, 2012

See, I have done some quilting.....

I've been busy finishing up the kids school year and working on my own classes.  The next four weeks will be busy finishing up the last four weeks of two classes.  But, I have been busy quilting!!  See!!!!

 I have been busy hand piecing this quilt and another just like it for my two oldest girls.  I don't have a space big enough to take a good picture.  The second one is almost done, I'm piecing the green borders on that one now.

Blocks for my BOM.  This is the only one that is almost done.  I've applique the pieces but have to do some finishing touches.  I hope to have the others done this weekend and finish up all the little touches.  This is supposed to be 12 blocks and a topper but I think its too big.  I don't have enough wall space to hang it so I've decided to do three wallhangins with four blocks each and then use the topper as a table runner. 

I'm also trying to keep the kids cool by hitting the pool everyday if we can.  Its been in the high 90s and hundreds.  None of us like this heat at all.  .......And I'm spending my "free" time lesson planning for next year.

Have a wonderful week everyone!