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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


My heart is breaking for the people of Japan.  We lived there for four years.  I love the country, culture, people.  We lived at Atsugi Naval Air Station a little south of Tokyo.  Also nearby are Yokota Air Station, Zama Army base, and Yokosuka Naval Station. 

The military bases have so far been spared!  However, a 6.4 quake was recorded earlier today SW of the original quake.  This is NOT an aftershock.  It is a new quake.  Many are fearing that it will be like the other quake, a smaller quake that is before another big one comes!

And of course, the military bases around Tokyo and Tokyo itself is under a warning because of the radiation levels.  The levels are placing everyone on a warning not to go outside.  Please keep my friends in your prayers.  We still have quite a few friends that are over there!