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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas is almost here!

The camper took about ten minutes to decorate.  Our little four foot tree is a little depressing but its all that will fit.  Kevin wanted a smaller one but I refused.  Monkey girl keeps taking all of the decorations off of the tree.  I didn't buy many and they're pretty cheap, mainly because I knew that she would do that!  Maybe next year we can have nicer ones!

The kids activities are keeping me busy.  I'm looking forward to next year when Monkey can participate and I don't have to chase her around.  She's been eyeing gymnastics class for a while.  I know she wishes that she could join in. 

I've got some major homeschooling planning to do during the break, however, I plan on working on some quilts.  I have TL's about a third of the way quilted and I need to piece and quilt the girls quilts.  Alot to accomplish before new years, I know.  I'm hoping to at least get TL's done and the piecing done for the girls' quilts.  Then I need to quilt the little ones' quilts and start on ours.  Finally, then I can work on some fun stuff!!

I just received block two of my block of the month pumpkin block.  I didnt' even start block one yet.  Oh boy, another project.  Maybe I can get those done this week and show them to you!!  I also have some Christmas embroidery that I'm working on.

The saying does go, "whoever dies with the most projects wins," right?

Have a wonderful Christmas season!