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Friday, August 19, 2011

Having a blast!

We've been visiting friends these last few days.  They are wonderful and our kids get along famously.  Their bigger kids are surrogate brother/sister for my little ones and the little ones have them wrapped around their fingers.  They get piggy back rides and many many trips to see the goats and chickens. 

We'll be here a couple of more days and then finally head into OR.  We'll be visiting more friends there.  I'm excited.  Both the friend I'm at now and the friend that we're going too are quilters.  Its been fun talking quilting talk, even if I'm not getting anything done!!  I'm enjoying my time immensely.

Today we went to Fort Vancouver which was really really cool.  The kids even seemed to really like it.  We had a good  time, even if it was warm.  Okay so it was only 85 but you have to remember that we're used to a high of 65 during the summer.  Tomorrow its supposed to be over 90 and I'm not looking forward to that at all. 

Hopefully, I'll have some photos posted soon.  I'm pooped and off to bed!  Nighty night!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mt. St. Helens

We're here in Mount St. Helens enjoying the scenery.  Our only complaint is the campsite.  It is extremely unfriendly towards visitors.  Too many rules.  No room to put out a picnic table, your literally right on top of your neighbor.  No play areas for the kids or a game room and they are not allowed to ride their bikes or play on the hill.  Time in the camper isn't as fun as it usually is.  Today is really warm, okay its only like 85, but we're used to 70 so its hot for us.  We went out yesterday and enjoyed Mount St. Helens.

We're in Big Foot Country!

Information on the blast zone

TL running from a potential blast

A picture of the helicopter tour

Gorgeous view, although there was alot of cloud cover

Coldwater Lake up near the base

Monkey playing in the cold water

The big girls climbing

Johnstone Ridge.  He was on duty watching the mountain the day if blew and managed a quick message before the area was destroyed.  They've never found his body

You can see how the trees were blown apart.  They have planted 18.4 million trees and plants trying to repopulate the area.

Finally the cloud cover is gone!
I did head into town and toured the local quilt shop.  It was fun and the girls enjoyed picking out some fat quarters.  I'm working on quilting TL's dino quilt.  He's a little old for dinos but still loves them.  This year he finally decided he didnt' want to be a paleontologist because it was too much school.  This fabric I bought a couple of years ago and didn't start it until this year.  He needed a longer quilt for the camper because he's grown so much so he's getting this one.

I found some great horse fabric that I'm piecing by hand for the big girls.  It will take a little bit but I enjoy doing the hand work.

Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

no internet

Sorry I haven't posted.  We're living in the camper at the beach and there's no internet.  I know, I know.  Who cares, your at the beach right?

We are enjoying our last days in WA.  We leave this beautiful place next weekend.  I hope we'll be staying at places with internet so I can at least post pictures for everyone!

I'll miss this wonderful place and the wonderful friends we've made here!!

Enjoy everyone!!  Have a wonderful week!