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Saturday, September 29, 2012


after weeks of delays, we are finally closing on our house on Thursday.  Kevin had come at the end of August with all of our stuff which we had to load into his cousin's garage.  Thankfully, the sellers had moved to KY last year and knowing our situation, allowed us to move into the house a few weeks ago.  All we had to do was switch over the electric....we have well water so we didn't have to switch water.  I waited to order internet and phone until we had the all clear.  It was supposed to be hooked up on Monday, but the gentleman had an opening today, so yeah.....internet!!

Kevin got to spend a week with us before he had to head back to CA.  We got all moved in and most of the boxes unpacked.  We were also able to do some minor repairs and get some things winterized.  Things are starting to come together now and we're excited about our new home.  The first night we stayed, we enjoyed the sunrise out of our bedroom french doors....the view from the bed which faces out was breathtaking!!

Off to clean up and do some unpacking!!