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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

update and some progress

School is in full swing again for me.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Four more classes after these two and I'm DONE!! 

I did manage on my two weeks off to do alot of purging in the house.  I got rid of 8 bags of clothes.  We've been blessed with soooo many hand me downs, that I finally said enough is enough adn went through them and got rid of all we weren't using.  I also decided to not save clothes between Bug-a-bug and Little Miss Trouble.  Its four years.  That's a lot of tubs of clothes.  If I had a cellar or attic I might consider it, but its just too much. 

I also managed to finish a quick quilt for TL for the camper.  I'm working on quilting it now.  I'm also working on several applique quilts and I've set up the embroidery quilt I want to work on.  Realistically, I won't get much done until about August, but I can dream!!  lol

I have some wonderful news.  My friend, Nancy Murty, had a contest on her blog and gave away some of her new fabric that she designed from Andover.  I will post photos is a day or so.  I've got to find the camera.........