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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Update on my projects

Well, I took a few moments today and took some photos of some projects I've been working on, some for years.  I finished a few, which is a good thing.  I have to take photos of the girls' projects.  They decided to learn to sew this weekend and did a nice job of piecing together a little pillow.

This Hunter's star wallhanging is for our living room.  You'll probably recognize the fabric-really old collection.  I have it pieced just need to quilt it and it will finally be done.

This Antique Dresden Heart wallhanging just needs to be quilted.  I will probably do hand quilting on this one.
One of the twelve blocks from a block of the month that I got about twelve years ago.  I know, really really bad.  Sorry about the pins.  I hope to get enough done to do a wallhanging in the living room, since I'm now working on a northwest decor.
This is my son's quilt.  He picked out the fabric about five years ago before we left for Japan.  When we got there and I finally had time to piece it together, I realized that I was short some fabric so its not as large as I wanted.  I have two blocks left to hand quilt and then I'm done.  I'm hoping to finish it up before Thanksgiving.
This is Bug-a-bug's Brown bear, Brown bear quilt.  Her all time favorite book.  She really likes it.
Another project from years ago.  I think I pieced this in VA, so it had to be about eight years ago now.  You'll probably recognize the fabric.  I had started hand quilting it, but realized I would never get it done, so I zipped it on the machine last week.  I have the binding on now and just have to finish it.

Another old old project.  I just finished the binding on this table runner today.

Well, I hope to have some more updates more frequently.  I moved my machine out of my room and into the living room, so I have to look at it and feel guilty everyday!  haha

Have a great week!

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  1. Thanks Michelle for stopping by QuiltinCats and our travel blog. And thanks for the offer to take me quilt shopping. I can never turn down a great offer like that so I will let you know when we head back your way. We have settled in Key West, FL for the winter, but I'm sure someday we will head back to the NW. Both of us have family in Washington.

    Your quilts are beautiful. I'm amazed you find any time at all to quilt! I hope your dream comes true to travel with you kids.

    I left a comment in both blogs for you.