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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Off to Iowa!!

My niece has been sent  home.  She will be bedridden for the next four weeks and then have surgery to remove the bar.  After that I'm not sure if she's heading to a rehab place or home and back and forth to physical therapy.  The kids and I are leaving tomorrow to drive 2000 miles (ugh) to help out.  She has to have two people with her at all times to help move her.

I've done all the packing and managed to pack some quilt projects that I'm working on.  I have the girls horse quilts and TL's dino quilt needs to be finished hand quilting.  Sorry for the yucky picture, but I was in a hurry!

Working on my pumpkin block of the month

Trying a little embroidery
Hopefully, I can get some of this done while I'm there.  I'm hopeful anyway!!

I'll let you know when I arrive!!


  1. Drive safely...i'll miss you at guild!

  2. Hi Michelle, How was your trip? Uneventful, I hope. Looks like you will keep yourself busy. I hope your niece recovers quickly.