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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Still no camera

And this is really driving me batty.  I would love to have a camera around to take some photos of the house or even some of the quilting I'm doing. 

I'm about halfway through with one of the wallhangings that I have planned for the house.  Its getting there.  I'm making time in the evenings to sit and quilt.  Sometimes its hard because I'm exhausted but it is relaxing to sit and hand quilt so I have been getting more done.

I started back to school this week.  I have this class and one more to complete my bachelor's.  I've started looking into masters programs but not sure when I'll start.  Next year, I'll have five kids that I will be homeschooling.  It keeps me really busy and I need to stay on top of it so not sure how a master's class would fit into that.  I would definitely only be taking one class at a time.

I have started planning out my garden.  Next month I am ordering two plum trees, two pear trees, two peach trees, and two cherry trees.  The good news is that they are dwarf trees so they only get to be about six feet tall and as soon as next year I could get fruit off of them.  The bad news is that I wont get alot of fruit, but that's okay too.  I plan on buying two more of each next year and two apple trees.  We have three full sized apple trees on the property now but they haven't been pruned in years.  The advantage of a dwarf tree is that it is easier to reach to pick and prune.  I'm not looking forward to pruning these big huge trees.

I'm also ordering four blueberry bushes and six raspberry bushes.  Fifty strawberry plants will finish out the fruit planting.  I hope to add more of these on next year too and include some blackberry bushes. 

I have been drooling over the seed catalogs since they came in last month.  I have picked all the veggies that we plan on growing and will be ordering those seeds as well.  Its going to be busy here with all this planting, but it will be fun and worth it in the long run.  I plan on building raised beds to garden in.  Getting too old to plant in a traditional garden and then have to stoop down over to weed will kill my back.

Hubby will be home in early June so I may wait for him to come and work on the chicken coop.  I think I'll be all gardened out by then especially since I have four flower beds to take care of.  Thankfully, they didn't have many beds, but they are massively overgrown.  I dont plan on buiding any others; well maybe one out front because there isnt one.  And of course, an herb garden as well.  I want to look into drying them and using them for medicinal purposes.

Take care everyone and happy quilting!

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  1. Oh, how I envy your garden space! I hope the camera situation is solved soon. I'm so looking forward to those pictures!