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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Update on my crazy busy life

Almost three months and not post?  And I haven't even done pictures today either.  ugh

I finally completed the wallhanging for the living room (one of two that I want to do).  I'm getting a hanger for it and will take pics of it up on the wall later this week.  

I am almost done quilting the littlest ones quilt.  Then its on to her next biggest sister and then the two big girls.  I should just do a quilt machine quilt for the big girls, but I hand pieced their quilts together when we lived in the fifth wheel and don't feel right about machine quilting them.

Reasons that I haven't keep up with much quilting and even less blogging:

  • hubby was home for almost three weeks at Christmas time.  He managed to get several of his honey-do list items completed
  • still homeschooling
  • became an Explorer unit leader with American Heritage Girls
  • treasurer for the Boy Scout troop
  • volunteering for our after school program at church one day a week
  • chauffeuring the teen to taekwondo
  • chauffeuring the oldest two to our teen church program Friday nights (did I mention that I will be totally thrilled this summer when he gets his driver's license this summer!!)
  • teaching at the homeschool co-op
  • taking training sessions with Tapestry of Grace (a homeschool curriculum) for their advisor program
  • working on all the paperwork for entrance into a master's program which I hope to start in March (y'know in my spare time, lol)
  • laundry......seriously, who bought these kids that many clothes and why do they have to change them every single day?  Can't they wear the same clothes over and over and over again?  lol
  • and whatever else I can find the time to do 

So you see, I really am busy although my hubby thinks I sit around and eat bon-bons all day long while watching Soap Operas.  

I'm off to complete some files that need to be updated because in the midst of all of my running this week, my desktop decided to die on  me.  Well, in fairness it was running.........just smelled like it was burning and about to start on fire so I turned it off.  

Have a wonderful and blessed week!

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