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Sunday, February 21, 2010


I cannot believe that I have not posted on here since November? Time certainly does fly and keeps me busy!!

Christmas season is always busy of course. AFter Christmas, the hubby left for six weeks, and literally 30 minutes after he left, the stomach flu hit. That made its rounds, then we had a bit with a fever/sore throat bug and then the fifth disease hit. That was the worst, and I'm still suffering the joint pain associated with it.

I also started an online college class in Jan. I really want to finish my bachelors. I was hoping to keep taking classes, but the funding I was using for military spouses has since been stopped. I have to see if I can qualify for more financial aid starting for the August term. I signed up late for this year and do not get close to enough to pay for the classes.

Which is fine. I still have some cleaning/sorting to do. I have lots of quilt projects to work on, genealogy to work on, and I started knitting. I want to learn to make some socks for Christmas presents.

So, since I have nothing quilty to share, here's some photos:

The baby is now six months old and sitting up by herself. We are calling her the chunky monkey. I do not remember the others having such thick thighs or rolls, although I'm sure they did!

Hallie celebrated her ninth birthday this past week. I can't believe that she is nine already. She's growing up so quickly. Pray for her this week, she gets her tonsils out on Monday!

This picture and the next two I took from standing in the same spot. This little beach is about 1/4 mile from our house. Notice the driftwood on the beach. All the beaches on the island have driftwood that large on them.

This is west of the island-the Olympic Mountain range.

And this is east-the Cascade Mountain range. Its absolutely beautiful right now, with the snow on them and as I stated, I can see them all from the same spot.

We've been blessed with some really nice weather and the kids are enjoying being outside. I have a paper to write and a final to study for. I need to get working on that, instead of sitting on the computer reading quilt blogs!! Hopefully, I'll be able to get back to working on stuff soon and be able to post some photos!

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