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Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm baaaccckkkk!

Finally, we have reached our new home.  The only problem is that I don't have internet.  I feel extremely disconnected to everyone!

We arrived last weekend.  It was only 101 degrees at 5:30pm.  Ugh.  I think my eyeballs are sweating.

We left Mt. St. Helens and arrived in Washougal WA to visit some friends of ours that recently retired from the Navy.  What a gorgeous house they have!  And it on top of a mountain with a gorgeous view of Mt. Hood.  I'm jealous!!  I'll post pictures later.

While there we decided to upgrade our 34ft travel trailer to a 40 ft fifth wheel.  We've decided to live in it the next few years.  We have some bills to pay off and some money to save.  With the threat of military pay on the table several times the last few months, we've decided we need to grow our emergency fund.  We also have braces, college, and retirement looming in the next eight years.  I enjoy camper living, even with five kids.  It only takes a little to clean each day so it frees up  more time.  I'm hoping to have more sewing time!!

I'll post in the next few days pictures and details of our trip to OR.  We have so much fun visiting our friends there.  She's a quilter so we had a blast together!

Back to our fifth wheel.  Its a toy hauler with two queen sized bunks in the  back.  The bottom bunk is also a couch and can be turned in a U shaped dinette.  There's a half bath and plenty of room for all four girls.  TL has his own bunk over the main living area.  My kitchen is still pretty small but I don't have more space and double the refrigerator space that I had before.  My oven is also bigger so now I can actually use it.  The other one was so small and the rack was closer to flame and the bottom of everything was burned.  I'm happy to be able to cook again.  Of course, that will have to wait until it gets cooler.  Right now all I want is a salad and some iced tea!

I'm off for now.  I'll post pictures of our new home, although I still have to decorate, and our trip to OR.

Enjoy your week and happy sewing!


  1. Looking forward to pictures. :)

  2. Welcome back Michelle! It is awful the pay our active duty receive. Many are using food stamps. It was hard for us, but worse for military families today.
    Your new home sounds nice. Did it come with the screen on the back as well? I love the idea of the large opening in the back for fresh air and views - of course, everybody can see you too. I can't wait to see pictures of the 5th wheel.
    Are you staying in the base's FamCamp?