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Thursday, September 29, 2011

My friend, Connie

Two years ago we arrived in Whidbey Island and lived in our camper waiting for housing to open up.  We camped right on the beach, which was gorgeous, but cool and very very breezy.  We had quite a time getting fires started at night because of it.

One day I was off and Kevin was trying to light the fire.  A woman camped next to us, ran in her camper and came over with a handful of scrap fabric (y'know, those pieces that you trim off?  she saves them) and put in on the wood and then told him to light it.  I've been saving my scrap every since.  A great way to start fires!!

A friendship was born!!  Luckily for us, the Western WA quilt shop hop was the next weekend and we went.  We had a blast and it was so much fun getting to know each other.  The next year they came up again and we did the shop hop again.  Sadly, this year they couldn't come to us, so we went to visit them in OR on our way down to WA.

Connie has a quilt room that I totally envy.  I was afraid the girls would break something so I watched over them like hawks.  She has a GO cutter that Kevin just had to try out.  We hit some stores and I stocked up on some cool Halloween fabric and Kevin cut out tumbler blocks for me.  I may have to invest in one.  An entire top cut up in fifteen minutes!!  Awesome!!  And no mistakes at all, cause I ALWAYS cut the right size with my rotary cutter, yep, never made a mistake yet.  Who am I kidding?

She's such a dear!!  We took the girls and they picked out horse fabric and make pillow cases for themselves.  Then she used her embroidery machine and did the cutest hand towels with their names and horses on them.  They had a blast!!

We miss her already!

Connie and the girls at the quilt shop

Did I also mention that Connie, and her hubby Donald, took us to the Goody's store for a field trip and of course, we had to taste some samples!!  Yum!

Here's her hubby, Donald, checking out the treats.  He's such a sweetheart; my girls all love him.  They wouldn't leave him alone and followed him around the whole time we were there, "Mr. Donald!  Mr. Donald".  Poor guy was probably happy to see us go!!  lol Oh, and did I mention that he cooks?  He has more cookbooks than I do!!  He made us some absolutely delicious meals!! 

So, maybe next year I can head back again.  I know that the kids would enjoy going back.  We had a fantastic time!!  And they are so sweet!!  I'm so blessed to have met such wonderful people!

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