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Monday, July 23, 2012

Coming out of the fog.....

School officially ended this past Saturday for me.  I hope my kids are learning to attend college when you're young and not try to do it while working full time (like my hubby) or taking care of your family. 

Now that I'm finally done, I have about two weeks before the girls and I leave.  We will be going to IA to spend time with hubby's family until we close on our house on August 31st.  Lots to do with only a little bit of time!!

I need to finish doing some quilting and sewing.  I have to sort through the entire fifth wheel and figure out what we're taking in the car, leaving here, or packing in a box to go to the storage unit.  I'm going to take it room by room.  Thankfully, there's only three rooms and they are small; but there are seven of us in here and lots of stuff!!  ugh!

Take care and keep cool!!  Its supposed to be in the 100s here this week.  ugh!


  1. OH man, I left you a long comment and I lost it LOl ! So I will just wish you well and hope all gets sorted for you until closing !!!

  2. I hope closing is looking well ??

  3. Hi I hope all is working out for you, I cant wait till you are in your house:) My blog moved here :)