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Saturday, August 11, 2012

We're enjoying WA

We ended up driving up to WA.  Our plans of flying TL up to summer camp didn't fly....sorry, hehe!!  It was cheaper to drive him.  We leave on Monday to head to IA.  We close on our new  home in MN on the 31st.  Can't wait!!

We've spent the week visiting lots of friends.  Not alot of sightseeing as the kids just really wanted to play with their friends.  I did run over to the quilt shop in Anacortes to pick up some backing for the girls' horse quilts.  I could have spent a fortune buying fabric. 

Here's some pictures from this area.  We will miss it; the people and the beauty of the area.

Enjoy your weekend!!  We're having gorgeous weather here in WA.  The kids are having a  blast here!


  1. It looks gorgeous up there, Im glad your kids are ahaving a little fun before school starts again ? Since you homeschool you can do it at your schedule right ? Looks like your having fun..

  2. Oh, I recognize that beach! Looks like the kids are having a great time.

    Congrats on getting your house!

  3. Hi there , my blog moved and I did not know how to keep the old one in order to redirect people.Hope all is well with your family and the move!! Izzy Renbjor

  4. Hi there, just a little note to let all the kind people that have posted on my blog, that last night Sept. 12 my blog(patchysails2000) was hacked and my email too and the entire content was removed by them. Blogger said they did not do it , so some one else had. I have a new email addy but holding off on the blog for a bit. Thankfully I only had quilting related stuff on it , Im glad I didnt post pics of my grandchildren because whoever did this could have had my pics too.
    Please contact me at Izzy R.

  5. We move one more time LOL LOL !! Sorry to do this to you . After my blog went away my email did not work so here we are again trying another email.This one works
    formerly known as