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Monday, December 6, 2010

Sorry, I've neglected my blog.  Not any quilting done.  I was hit with a really bad cold, wreath making is in full swing for the Boy Scouts and I had a nine page paper due.

On the Monday before Thanksgiving it started snowing at about 9am.  That ended our school day.  The kids enjoy the snow as much as I do.

At about 10, I realized I needed to run to the commissary to get the few things we needed.  They don't have any way to treat the roads here and I knew they'd be slick.  I can drive on them, I'm from Buffalo, but there are many who don't.  I'm glad I went when I did.  Many roads were closed because they're hills and were too slick and there were dozens of accidents.

I was gone for about thirty  minutes.  I got the groceries and headed across the street to the exchange.  I couldn't find the snow gloves for the big girls.  Well, they didn't have any.  Did I mention it rarely snows here?

So onto home I went.  At this point, there was a good dusting on the ground.  The kids were clamoring to go out.  My husband's work sent him home that afternoon.  The public schools decided to send the kids home at the regular time, so the roads would be nice and slick.  I'm really surprised there weren't any accidents with the buses.  There was an 18 car pileup down the road and they closed the highway off the island because you have to cross Deception Pass Bridge and it was a sheet of ice.

We only got about two inches.  My husband was off of work on Tuesday and the schools were closed the rest of teh week.  I laugh because back home we rarely had school closings.

Here's some photos!
The back yard

The front yard.  Don't you love the cable and telephone boxes.  Ahh, the joys of military housing!

The girls going down the street

Coming back after a run

Off they go!!  Daddy gave them a running start.   That's the pugent sound in the background.  Our island is in the Pugent Sound and we're between the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges.

Little Miss Trouble.  She liked the snow for about ten minutes, came back in for a while, out for ten see the pattern here!

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  1. I can't believe you got snow there! I don't recall ever having snow when I lived there as a child. My brother Steve mentioned getting snow in Everett around Thanksgiving time. Sounds like WA is in for a rough winter. Take care and stay warm! Sandy